Magick &
Momentum Coven

Do you want to throw a fistful of Magick & Momentum at your business?

I’m not talking about wishing and waiting. I’m not talking about flimsy manifestation practice. I’m talking about creating a Magickal environment for you to take aligned action and grow your business.

We know that setting clear intentions and visualising the future leads us further towards our goals. We know if we have a positive mindset and clarity, we’re more likely to achieve what we want. We know that if our action is aligned with the desired outcome we’ll get results.

Add a complementary ritual and that’s Magick, baby.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the monotonous, neglecting that deep yearning inside for connection.

With Magick & Momentum, you’ll not only satisfy that craving for connection, you’ll also shift to alignment in your business. This shift will bring clarity in abundance, and that clarity will allow the universe to begin lavishing her gifts upon you.

Inject your inner wisdom, intuition, and intention into your business.

Membership includes

Members only area with access to all recordings
Private high-vibe Facebook group
Group coaching calls
Business strategy and support
Group spell casting
Tarot sessions
Purpose-led guided meditations
Energy work
Intention setting and alignment workshops
Shadow work
Moon rituals

This membership is for you if:

You love or are curious about the esoteric and Magickal realms
You want to ​​do what you love, be yourself, and make more money
You want to tap into your intuition and manifest amazing abundance
You want to align with your purpose
You get stuck in inaction but you know intention and action will create momentum
You need a supportive community of like minded women
You want accountability
You want a more motivated mindset
You’re starting your business from scratch and need to know what next steps to take
You already have an established business but you want more or better clients
You need to grow your audience and create more sales
You want to create a more reliable income
You’ve fallen out of love with your biz and need to get your mojo back
Your business and practice has remained separate and you want to align
You have huge ambition but don’t know where to begin

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