Basic bitch content attracts basic bitch clients

It's time to ditch the wallflower BS and use your UNIQUE VOICE in your messaging to STAND OUT in your niche and become the GO-TO coach for your perfect BFF clients.

Welcome REBEL coach, to my merry band of renegades who create their own rules.

Imagine calling in MORE clients like bees to honey & BETTER clients by being authentically you because -

  • You’re crystal clear on your message & the unique transformation you offer

  • Your content is non-vanilla and scroll-stopping

  • Your content carries conviction and authority

  • You’re excited to share your message because you know how transformative this sh*t is

  • You feel compelled to create content because you’re embodying it

  • You get to say all the sh*t others are afraid to say because you’re attracting your clients by boldly being YOU

And because you’ve unearthed your unique voice, embraced your inner rebel, and learned how to craft content that speaks to your clients on a level that resonates so deeply that they know that you’re THE ONE.

If you’ve been in a group coaching programme that teaches content but you’re STILL struggling to convert clients, let me tell you WHY that shit didn’t work for YOU…

  • They teach you the pragmatics (like how to compose a post) but none of the energetics that are necessary to activate your audience (yaaawwwnnnn)

  • They expect you to follow a cookie cutter systemised approach with rigid rules that stifles your creative flow (yaaawwnnnn)

  • They give vague nonsensical advice like, ‘give value’, ‘tell your story’, and ‘just be relatable’...(double yaaawwwnnn)

  • They teach a one-size fits all templated method that makes you want to gouge your own eyes out and chuck your laptop out the window (yaawwwnnn but with added rage)

So tell me, are you done with being vanilla AF, and ready to attract more soulmate BFF clients through your content - just by being unapologetically you?

How is this 12 weeks with Lou gonna get the YOU out of you and into your content to create magnetic AF messaging?

Let's get into it...

  • We’ll establish YOUR crusade, the REAL message you want your BFF clients to hear loud and clear, the transformation you actually offer, and identify any content that’s not a true reflection of that.
  • We’ll see what’s working in your content and what TF is missing for you to attract your perfect clients.
  • We’ll identify what’s blocking you from expressing yourself in your content and we’ll shift that sh*t so you can easily create copy that naturally flows forth and exudes magnetism.
  • We'll get clarity on your perfect client's desires and challenges and create messaging that establishes your authority and activates them to think, HOLY SH*TBALLS, I WANNA WORK WITH (INSERT YOUR NAME HERE!)
  • And we make sure throughout, that the process is aligned with you and sustainable - we want to tap into your crazy creative channel and access flow at every stage.
  • I'll be in this WITH you - so you get me to audit, brainstorm ideas, editing - whatever you need, I'm there!
  • AND as I’m an over-deliverer, I’ll give you as much knowledge as I possess on selling with integrity, authentic marketing, and tell you just what you need to do to raise your visibility, establish authority, and grow your audience.

This is what I mean by BFF clients. 

I know if you’ve read this far, we’re destined to be bezzies!
And that’s exactly what I want to call in. Do you?

Listen, I’ll meet you where you’re at.

Yeah I’m gonna encourage you out of your comfort zone, invite you to step out of the broom closet - but I won’t push you to a place you don’t want to go nor will I hold you back by making you learn something you already know. If you’ve already got something sussed, let’s get going on the next thing!

Behind every booked out spiritual, intuitive, and holistic coach is highly magnetic, stand out content that converts.

When it became obvious to me that us rebel, soul-led (and a bit ‘woo’) folk respond to words as well as the energy and intention behind them WAY differently to the boring normies out there, I spent a sh*tload of time sussing out the subtle differences and reasons why.

And the fact is, doing it like everyone else doesn’t work for you and it sure as hell won’t allow you to call in those perfect clients - cos it doesn’t work for them either.

Focusing on this specific fact led me though a massive identity shift and self-image upgrade.

Because it’s about WAY more than creating content to sell your offers…

When you create your own messaging you’re also communicating with yourself.

You’re reinforcing, manifesting, focusing on your future & taking the aligned action to create it.

You’re deepening your own understanding, refining your expertise, & embodying your message.

And this sh*t is powerful as f*ck!

And it’s a skill that pays for itself time & time again.

If you’re bored of the beige messaging that you’re seeing everywhere online, that’s awesome news, because it means you’re leaning into that rebellious streak - it means you’re ready to ditch the yawnfest content and embrace the much coveted ability to STAND OUT from the rest of the online coaches in your niche.

You already have the power to differentiate yourself from the rest, just by being your unique self - so let’s get YOU into your content and call in those dreamboat soulmate BFF clients you’ve been waiting for.

Beat Your Own BS 1-1

90 mins (£222)

Copy, Content, & Messaging 1-1

90 mins (£222)