Hello, I’m Louise

A Creative Copywriter, Content Editor & VA

one Trick Pony

I specialise in copywriting and content editing for small businesses.

From blog posts to website content, whatever the subject, I love learning so if research is needed, even better!

Blogging is a fantastic way to increase your site’s organic traffic and rank higher in search results.

Need SEO friendly copy? Send me your keywords and I’ll be sure to utilise them or let me do your keyword research for you.

I also help companies get their website content right.

It’s difficult knowing what to leave in and what to ditch, what voice to use and how to structure your information.

That’s where I come in.

I will proofread, edit, structure, organise, and rewrite your content as well as write more if that’s what you need.

I can even help companies build their content strategy, drive SEO, and create an intuitive user journey.

Writing isn’t everyone’s forte, something that becomes quite apparent when surfing the web.

Your website content is an integral part of your overall design so why try the DIY when you can get me on the case?

I’m also partial to the odd research project, creating documentation, admin, client liaison and suchlike so if you need my Virtual Assistance, give me a shout!

Blog Articles

Want to blog to boost business & increase organic traffic but not sure where to start? Read on, for I can help!

Content Editing

Already got the info but need help structuring it for your website? Proofreading, editing, rewriting & organising – I do it all!

Virtual Assistance

Spending too much time working in rather than on your business? Research, admin & those little bitty tasks – send them my way!


Louise's flexible approach to work and her ability to absorb new information, has allowed me to change the way I run my business. She's a Godsend. I can give her tasks and I'm confident they'll get done quickly and properly. Louise is not afraid to ask questions or to suggest how something could be improved (and she's usually right) which gives me the confidence to leave things with her. I don't have the time to manage anyone, and that's where Louise excels. She's a self starter, she never needs reminding (she does the reminding) and more importantly, I'm happy for Louise to represent my business. And my business is my baby, so I don't say that lightly! I dropped lucky finding a self-starting VA with business acumen.

David Orchard, WordPress Consultant (Web Lad)

I hired Lou to write a blog post for me and was over the moon with the results. So much so, I now have her write for me on a monthly basis. She’s quick to understand what I’m asking for and clarifies what I want to express. Her style is methodical and logical which is great for the web development industry and her research and level of understanding is apparent in her posts. Highly recommended.

John Sheahan, Owner @ Egg Web Design & Development

Lou recently undertook a research project for me. She was really great to work with and all of the work was completed in a timely manner. I would recommend working with Lou.

Becky Long @ Reload Marketing

Louise has written a lot of content for me over the last year, both website copy and blog posts. I'm always blown away by her knowledge of the English language (seriously, test her on it!) and her attention to detail. I never have to proof read her work. Everything she writes has purpose, contextually and technically. There's no meaningless filler to make up the word count (like a lot of writers do). She knows how to write for different audiences and how to get different messages across. Per job, she just knows what the reader wants.

David Orchard, WordPress Consultant (Web Lad)

Lou was super efficient and a pleasure to work with. The job I gave her was a bit long winded, but she nailed it. Highly recommended.

Aby Hawker @ Falcon PR

Lou has been a huge help with my clients’ web content, organising and structuring copy as well as editing and rewriting to make sure the client is speaking to their target audience. Lou has also liaised with my clients, at my request, to get further insight and clarity as to what they’re after and we’re all more than happy with the results. Organising content is a huge part of web development and can be time consuming, so it’s great to have Lou to do this for me whilst I get on with the development.

John Sheahan, Owner @ Egg Web Design & Development

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