Welcome rebel, misfit, weirdo, outsider, magickal woman offering transformational coaching - I’m grateful you’ve finally found your way to me…

I’m gonna hazard a guess that you’ve been in group experiences where you always felt on the fringe. You’ve been told off several times for not doing ‘the work’ and preached at about overcoming resistance (push push push), perhaps been called too needy or not ‘self-led’ enough…

I’m almost certain you’ve never felt like you could just rock up and be absolutely who you are in full expression of self (and be f*cking valued and appreciated).

Because here’s the thing - what works for others doesn’t work for you. 


Because you’re not wired that way. 

You’re not meant to follow cookie-cutter formulas - you’re meant to forge your own path and find your own aligned way of creating the impact and income you desire and deserve.

The fact is, doing it like everyone else doesn’t work for you and it sure as hell won’t allow you to call in those perfect clients - cos it doesn’t work for them either.

Giving myself permission to do things differently
is the number one reason I had a massive identity shift and in turn, the most successful months of my business (SO FAR).

I just had to allow myself the time and belief shifts necessary to say f*ck it to the standard ‘solutions’ and create offers and content that speaks to my soulmate perfect fit clients in a way that doesn’t tick someone else's boxes.

BUT, what I’m telling you is that you need the foundational concepts to begin with.

Because we’re inundated with sh*t telling us to do it ‘MY’ way. And it’s SO tempting to believe it. Tbh, it can work for some people and more power to ‘em - but if you’ve found yourself going round in circles, impulse buying courses that promise to show you the light but you’ve been left out in the cold and met resistance or self-sabotage at every turn - it’s about time you gave yourself permission to unearth where you’re unaligned.

You need to be operating in full freakin alignment in your biz - creating congruence and authentic unapologetic expression of self in your content so you can connect with your soulmate clients on a deeeeeeeep level.

Think of this membership space as your opportunity to play in the playground of possibility. Your chance to dip your toes into the waters of doing it your own way - before you make the waves you just KNOW you're meant to create. This is where you truly lean into your 'knowing', and into TRUSTING your intuition to guide you in being that lighthouse for your soulmate clients.

If that’s the kinda sh*t that butters your bagel, you’re gonna wanna join this membership experience.

Here’s the nuts and bolts:

Content co-creation group sessions live on Zoom

Tarot guided content & journal prompts

Guided visualisations to open your creative channel

Regular impromptu live trainings

audits from Lou

Group experts & Q&As

Spotlight member to showcase your awesomeness

Speak your truth - authentic voice activation sessions

And most importantly - high-reciprocity support & community with other rebels & misfits who simply want to operate from a place of authenticity, integrity, & alignment. 

If that’s the kinda sh*t that butters your bagel, ou’re gonna wanna join this membership experience.

This membership is the place for you to get the foundational concepts that underpin our ability to create soulmate client attracting content - no berating, no cajoling, no rigid 'learn and implement', just pure belief shifts, absorption, and creative compulsion that brings with it deeply anchored self-trust and embodiment.

When it became obvious to me that us rebel, soul-led (and a bit ‘woo’) folk respond to words as well as the energy and intention behind them WAY differently to the normies out there, I spent a sh*tload of time sussing out the subtle differences and reasons why.

Because it’s about WAY more than creating content to sell your offers…

When you create your own messaging you’re also communicating with yourself.

You’re reinforcing, manifesting, focusing on your future and taking the aligned action to create it.

You’re deepening your own understanding, refining your expertise, and embodying your message.

This sh*t is powerful as f*ck! 

And that’s what this membership is all about.

If you’re ready to dive straight into refining your messaging & creating content to attract & activate your soulmate clients -  check out details for the Group Shindig here or 1-1 options here.