To Become the Light

Are you one of those people who tends to forge ahead regardless, abandoning any semblance of self-care when you’re stressed and overwhelmed?

I’ve been dead guilty of this in the past and still have to remind myself every single day to look after me first.

One way I’ve ben able to make sure I get some much needed replenishing time is by making sure I meditate for at least 10 mins a day.

Do you take at least 10 mins to yourself each day? I bet you don’t… and why not? Because we de-prioritise ourselves SO often, especially us women. And we’re met with so much inner resistance.

What’s that all about?

In our Coven tarot reading this month, the first card that came out signified the following:

This month focus on truly healing, be kind to yourself and give yourself time to attune to the universe. You need to feel whole for what lies ahead. Surrender and guidance will follow – listen…

That spoke to me personally SO much. How can we forge ahead when we’re not feeling attuned? How are we meant to accomplish our dreams when we’re not fully charged? And how are we meant to enjoy and trust the journey when we’re always resisting what we truly need in favour of ‘getting shit done’?

My mission is to help you see how worthy you are of care, how filling your own cup will enable you to serve others better, and rather than to follow the light – to become the light.

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