A Solstice Ritual

This ritual is one of gratitude, growth, abundance, and good fortune.

Some fresh flowers – gathered from your garden or near your house
Some fresh or dried herbs that represent happiness, success, abundance
A small pouch or piece of cloth you can tie up or a glass bottle or jar
A small bowl for offerings
Some seasonal fruit/veg or local honey
Wine or fruit juice
A candle

When you’re gathering your flowers – do it with gratitude and intent. You’re thanking the Earth for all she’s provided you with, for her sustenance.

Cast your circle and decorate your altar – lay your flowers out in a clockwise fashion. You can also put any other correspondences around for the elements. Take the herbs and put them into your pouch, cloth, or jar next to the candle.

As the wheel of the year keeps turning
I will keep within me this fire burning
I thank you mother earth for your blessings
A show of thanks I am returning

Place part of your offerings in your bowl (to be buried later)

This light, your light will guide me onward
The heat will keep me warm
The flame of passion burns bright within
And will keep me moving forward

Take a moment to sip some of the drink and eat a piece of the food and put the rest into the offerings bowl – say a private thank you for the abundance you will receive.

Close your eyes and focus on your intention for a moment.

Now you can snuff the candle.

Bury your offerings outside.

Light the candle every day this week and give thanks <3

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